• Troubleshoot all equipment and machines
• Rewire machine controls
• Repair or install retrofit variable frequency dives
• Install OSHA compliant controls, i.e., light curtains, motion detectors, brake monitors, tonnage sensors, safety mats, etc
• Perform disconnect/reconnect on all types of equipment

• Troubleshoot and repair programmable logic controllers (PLCs), CNC and NC Controls
• Perform electronics diagnostics and repair
• Incorporate automated feeders into machine controls
• Circuit design and engineering
• Troubleshoot and repair backgage systems, resolver based and linear scale positioners
• Reset controller parameters for proper machine function

• Troubleshoot all hydraulics; find and repair leaks; replace hoses and tubing including servo-controlled systems
• Rebuild pumps, valves, cylinders, motors, rotary actuators and accumulators. (all makes and models)
• Conduct oil and filtering analysis, and Reservoir cleaning
• Repair and engineer oil cooling and related systems

• Rebuild/Repair punch presses, shears, press brakes, mills, lathes, packaging machines, and automated equipment
• Conduct on-site line boring
• Repair/Fabricate gears, shafts, connections, cranks, and bushings; repair mechanical variable speed drives
• Repair/Rebuild machine rams, beds, ways and gibs, including parallel rams to beds and set gibs
• Repair/Rebuild cooling systems
• Install, repair, evaluate and engineer lubrication systems
• Refine brakes, clutches; retrofit clutch brakes
• Rebuild counterbalance cylinders
• Repair/Rebuild loading dock systems

• Troubleshoot air logic systems
• Find and repair air leaks
• Repair dryers, oil separators, filters, regulators and lubricators
• Engineer, install, repair air dryer systems

In addition to our core services, we offer standard-setting safety & preventative maintenance programs that ensure the welfare of our customers' employees and the long-term productivity of their equipment.