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Who We Are

Edward J. DeJarlais established El-Hy-Mec, Inc. in 1966. In 1998, Michael E. DeJarlais purchased EI-Hy-Mec, Inc. and is currently serving as president. Since its founding, El-Hy-Mec has served over 3000 customers. We are committed to service and quality. We support this commitment with a promise to complete the job to the customer's satisfaction. El-Hy-Mec is an established company offering services on the repair and rebuilding of industrial machinery, hydraulic, and electrical troubleshooting.

Industrial Machinery Service

EI-Hy-Mec's high-value PM packages head off costly downtime
It's a fact: Preventive maintenance pays for itself - and then some. PM can head off expensive machine repairs or replacements, and costly unscheduled downtime. Plus, it ensures that your machines remain OSHA compliant. On the downside, you may be too busy keeping
up with daily demands and putting out fires to do your own regular PM.

EI-Hy-Mec's professional PM-it's productivity insurance.
There's no need to pull your operators off a hot project or to let equipment maintenance slide.
Whether you need a PM plan or immediate maintenance, EI-Hy-Mec offers the industry's
most thorough, proven PM program. Following a detailed checklist we review every machine
and function for potential problems, and perform the required maintenance on the spot or at
your convenience. We do oil analysis and filter service at a fraction of the escalating cost of
new oil. Our process doesn't miss a beat - or a bolt - ensuring that your machines remain up
and running for the long haul.

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